10 Jan 2017
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Turn key software development projects

by administrator

To be able to work on an international scale we have a few methods that has proven it's quality over the years. After all, in a lot of cases it's not easy to visit you to do our interviews regarding your requirements and our prototype delivery. Instead, we use skype to get into contact and to verify the requirements. That way we will be able to build a good relationship and maintain that. It's not the trick of finding new customers, but the trick of keeping them.

  • First we require a global idea of your needs. The more detailed the better it would be, but we know that it can be hard to be too specific. Based upon your idea we will come up with questions and idea's to form specifications we will build upon. We will be in close contact with you in the timetable that fits us both the best.
  • Next we will build a global prototype. We host the application on our own servers and allow you to work with the model. It will bring up new idea's and allow you to redirect your goals if necessary. This might be a continuous process depending on the size of the project.
  • Finally we will fill in the global prototype and realize the main application. After testing it on our servers we will deploy it on yours. We also provide the project sourcecode to allow you to maintain the application yourself or - if you wish - maintain the application for you. We can also host the application. 

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